About Us

Erika Briana Clark Founder and CEO of E~honey Skin Care LLC, is a young driven woman who has a passion for Skin Care.

During Erika’s junior year of college as a Pre-Med student she sought out an opportunity and volunteered at the Skin of Color Research Institute at Hampton University.  Shortly thereafter she found herself immersed in Research on the role that various Molecular markers play in Keloid fibrosis, the structure and function of the skin and the process of wound healing.  Keloids are a phenomenon most commonly found in people with Skin of Color.

After a stressful Senior year completing her undergraduate degree in Biology, Erika found herself with an acne problem and an even deeper interest in skin care.  Through time and experimentation, she was able to treat some of her break outs through diet and home remedies. She then scheduled a visit to see a Dermatologist and discussed more advanced treatment. As her passion grew and she began working side by side with a Dermatologist for 1 year, she decided to work with a lab to create her own skin care line that she launched under E~honey Skin LLC.